Non-GMO & Gluten Free Statement

New Zealand Starch Ltd’s policy is to manufacture from only non-genetically modified ingredients and raw materials.

This means for labeling under Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) the following applies for all products manufactured by New Zealand Starch Ltd:

“This product does not require labeling as a genetically modified food in accordance with Food Standard 1.5.2 – foods produced using gene technology”.

How is this status achieved?


Only traditional seed, conventionally bred and grown is used by New Zealand Starch.


New Zealand Starch contracts for grain that is grown under an identity preserved system which preserves the genetic integrity of the grain.  To ensure this integrity, crop inspections are undertaken and audits carried out to check farm hygiene, spraying regimes and isolation issues.


Full traceability on all grain is available for any given batch number of finished product.


Cleaning standards are in place for all trailers, trucks and equipment moving maize.  The silos are dedicated to maize.  In New Zealand wet maize in season is harvested and transported directly to our plant in Auckland or dried before storage in dedicated silos.

PROCESSING – AUCKLAND (regular and waxy maize)

All our manufactured starch and glucose products are made from conventionally bred non-genetically modified maize.  No genetically modified enzyme is used at this site.


Our other carbohydrate products are imported from a variety of countries.  These processed products when included in a food do not require labeling as genetically modified food in accordance with Food Standard 1.5.2 (FSANZ) since they contain no “foreign” DNA or protein.

Date of Issue: April 2017

As indicated above, New Zealand Starch Ltd is in a position to demonstrate that all appropriate measures have been taken to avoid the presence of “adventitious genetically modified organisms or material”, in our products.  Further, “technically unavoidable situations” potentially causing the presence of such organisms will be notified to interested parties and monitored to ensure compliance with NZ Regulations, FSANZ Standards and GM Food and Feed Regulations (EC) No. 1829/2003.