Starch & Glucose Applications


The sweetness, and even certain nutritional qualities of soft drinks, fruit drinks. Brewing and alcoholic beverages are often derived from starch products, for example glucose and fructose syrups. This is also true for the colour consistency of cola, beer and even whisky and cognac, all of which incorporate small amounts of starch derived caramel colour.


The sparkle of boiled sweets, the chewiness of toffees, the brittleness of chewing gum coatings, the energy of dextrose-based confectionery.

Savoury and Sauces

Improves taste and consistency and enhances the spread-ability and flavours of jams, jellies and food preserves. Fruits frozen in glucose syrup have improved thawing characteristics.
Glucose syrups also promote film build up and are therefore ideal for increasing the storage life of deep frozen fish products. Starch products prevent rancidity, oxidation and colour changes in deep frozen foods.
The thickening properties of native and modified starches are used in canned, aseptic packaged and instant soups, and in the gravy and sauces for canned and frozen meat preparations. Modified starches together with glucose are also used in ketchup sauces and mayonnaise to regulate viscosity and as a sweetener.

Dessert and Dairy

The sweetness, various textures, stiffness, viscosity, stability and even flavor and appearance of a very broad range of desserts and dairy products. Including custard creams, puddings, flans and ice-creams.

Bakery and Snacks

Gluten free bread making. Other starch derivatives, such as modified starches and glucose are used for cake and biscuit fillings.


Starches are sourced for use in pharmaceuticals and make a variety of contributions from binders to sugarless sweeteners, also for use in toothpaste, tablets, emulsions, lotions, liquid medicines and creams. Starch is also used in cosmetic, make up and healthcare products.

Industrial Applications

One of the earliest known industrial uses of starch was to stiffen textiles. This is still true, but today starch does much more. Increase yarn strength and provide protection to friction wear, plus helps resist moisture penetration.

Animal Feeds

The starch co-products nutritive value are an ideal source of digestible protein for animal feed. Plus starch products make up an ideal milk substitute for calves.

Pet Foods

The high protein content of starch co-products makes them a very good meat substitute for pet food, starch products can act as binders, or sweetener and coloring’s.

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